A few years ago, internet access on mobile phones was released in the market mainly to check, send and receive email and be able to chat with family and friends on your handset. Mobile phone screens are small compared with desktop browsers. That’s why mobile versions of websites are also available.

With the fast-changing technology, anything can now be done on you mobile phones. When iPhone, Android and PC Tablets were introduced, mobile browsing experience is no longer different with computers. You can now watch videos, download applications and even play on your favorite online casino rooms.

Cellphone users also have a list to choose from on which browser to use to be able to surf the web with less effort. Here are some mobile browser options for those who want to replace what they are currently using:

1. Opera Mini -Opera Mini can take credit for starting mobile browsing for desktop versions of websites. This now even comes as a pre-installed browser in most handsets nowadays.

2. Bolt Bolt , compared to its competitors, is a newcomer in the mobile browsing world. But it is already making noise with its ability to stream flash videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.

3. SkyFire – is one of the few browsers that allows you to play flash videos and even has a workaround for phones not supporting flash like iPhones. This browser gives a near desktop experience on most websites on smartphones.

4. Dolphin HD – is said to give the simplest way in browsing the internet on a mobile device. It’s fast and adapts to the way you want to experience mobile browsing. You can add a website to your favorites and access it again with just a touch of your finger tip.

5. Firefox Mobile – is one of the leading desktop browser and is now making a name on mobile phones. This allows you to sync your history, bookmarks and passwords from your computer to your phone. You can now take Firefox anywhere your phone takes you.

6. Safari can load your pages with a blink of an eye. It is very smart that it checks your spelling and grammar. This browser also allows you to zoom full-page or just zoom on texts. Safari continues on improving to meet standards and giving you the next generation Internet experience.

7. Microsoft IE for Mobile – is based on the desktop version of Internet Explorer. It gives you the same high quality browsing you’ve come to love on your computer. Internet Explorer Mobile is included on all Windows phones. Features may vary depending on device used.

8. Google Android-Google Android replaces Google Chrome for older phones. It comes pre-installed with Android devices. This browser allows you to save and sync bookmarks from your laptop or desktop with ease.

9. Blazer – is designed for Palm handheld users OS 3.1 or higher. This gives its users faster and a more secure browsing experience. It supports a wide range of security protocol. Video streaming for YouTube or any Flash sites are not supported by this browser and Kinoma Video Player must be used to view the videos.

10. UCWEB – provides you an easier way to ‘copy – paste’ URLs, usernames and/or passwords. This allows you to resume download in case it fails because of connection interruption or any reason at all. It also provides tabbed browsing so you can check more than one site at the same time.

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