Much has been written about creating effective blogs. As blogging is undoubtedly became one of the most effective ways to grab those top slots in search engines. Also it has become one of the methods to earn online. High traffic generation blogs earn you monthly income also. But before all this start you need to build or write an effective blog which has the potential to affect users and compel then to return to visit the blog again.

  1. Follow the Topics mentioned: Yes it’s true; there are many blogs out there who do not follow the rules of blogging. They do not fix a topic to their blog, whatever interest them is posted on the blog. Stick to the topics you are writing about. Research about the topic before publishing it.
  2. Honest Writing/Reviews: If your blog is about reviews of products and services, try to be sincere on it. Write practical and completely honest review. If the product is not good and suitable for consumer use then publish a simple NO in your blog for the product. But your review should be completely objective. Don’t be influenced by, say, freebies and offers provided by the owner of the company, service or product.
  3. Short and To the Point Posts:Write short and concise. Your writing style should be point to point, do not indulge the readers in lengthy stories. Convey your thoughts interestingly and in short manner, which is enjoyable to the reader also.
  4. Captivating Headlines: USP of all the writings is the headlines. Title should catch the attention of the reader and compel him to read till end. Also create sub headings to make your post more clear and easy to understand.
  5. Add interesting Images:  Add interesting and post supportive images to the blog. Sometime even watching an image can grab the attention of the reader and compel him to continue reading.
  6. Add Searchable Keywords: Keywords are the main tool which brings a reader to your blog. So choose the most searchable and apt keywords for the blog posts.
  7. Read and Read again before posting: Double check the posts before publishing. Even the best writers can make small mistakes here and there. So check the spellings, grammars of the posts.

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