A server cluster or server farm is a compilation of computer servers usually sustained by a company to perform server requirements far beyond the capability of a single machine. The Server Farms are backup servers that can support the role of primary server if failure occurs. Server farms are usually co-positioned with routers and / or network switches which enable contact between various parts of the cluster and users. Computers, power supplies, routers and related technologies are usually installed on 19-inch racks in a data center.

Server farms are frequently utilized in cluster computing. Most up to date supercomputers require a giant server farm to connect high-speed processors and Gigabit Ethernet interconnected by cables or to order supercomputers like Infiniband or Myrinet. Network hosting is commonly used in server farms; this is sometimes referred to as a Web farm. Another use of server farms are scientific simulations (e.g. CFD), and rendering of 3D computers.

Server farms are progressively more being utilized as an alternative of or in addition to mainframe computers by large companies, although server farms are not as reliable as the mainframes yet. Because of the total number of computers in large server farms, the breakdown of a single machine is a routine event, and the administration of large server farms needs to provide this consideration, by giving maintenance for redundancy, mechanical failover, and quick reconfiguration of the server farm.

 The top 3 published Server Farms in terms of size:

Intel – (100,000 servers) Intel never stop looking for bold ideas in technology, business, industry and corporate responsibility. They strive to stimulate the imagination and allows for positive change in human life better and more interesting.

1&1 Internet – (70,000 servers) No other hosting provider gives you so many great products to choose from. As an affordable one-stop-shop, 1 & 1 shared hosting plans, server options, messaging solutions and hosted business solutions than anyone.

OVH – (65,000 servers) it combines a lot of advantages in terms of accommodation: If you are looking for a professional or a fast, efficient and easy to build your Internet project, they are here to inspire confidence and point you in the right way.

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