Jailbreak Applications have gained much popularity in recent days and this application provides a phenomenal power for your iOS that helps you to take the performance of your iPhone device to the next level. After installing Jailbreaking in your phone you will be able to get the enhanced power of the iOS but for the same you are in need of special applications and tweaks. Jailbreaking is very much important for your iPhone device as without this application your phone will have limited functionality and usage while compared to the other Smartphone’s in the market. Hence this article gives an idea about the 5 Must-Have iPhone 4S jailbreak Apps for your device.

Due to the importance this application has gained in the recent days, most of the developers are busy in delivering the best iphone Jailbreak Apps that will surely help you in enhancing the performance of your device. Here is the list of 5 Must-Have iphone 4S jailbreak Apps that one need to have in their device:

SBSetting: This is the most important among the 5 Must-Have iPhone 4S jailbreak Apps that provides the user an instant access to the settings panel from any screen by which it makes accessing the phone relatively easy by just swapping your status bar. This App also helps the user to search for toggles like Bluetooth, Orientation lock, Wi-Fi etc quite easily.

Activator: Most of the Jailbreak applications need this App installed to have their device work more efficiently. This App which is one among the 5 Must-Have iPhone 4S jailbreak Apps customizes the device completely to open the applications and tasks within a flick. The camera can be opened with the volume buttons, or can call your family by holding the power button of your phone or can even listen to music using the home button and many more shortcuts with the help of this App.

Cydia: Cydia is basically called as the iPhone Jailbreak Apps store. It is the default app for every iPhone and the important one in the list of 5 Must-Haveiphone 4S jailbreak Apps as it is from this app everything begins. It is the complete directory of all apps for your phone which has jailbreak in it.

My3G: This is one of the trickiest apps in the category of 5 Must-have iPhone 4S jailbreak Apps that makes other apps in your device to think that you are connected to some Wi-Fi connection when it is using 3G. This app just traps your phone and it never displays any message. Hence with this app you have the privilege of bypassing the Facetime which allows you to download larger apps, watch high-end videos everything without a Wi-Fi connection.

Lock Info: The last in the list of 5 Must-have iPhone 4S jailbreak Apps is Lock info which is yet another notification app that will bring all your notifications to a special UI to give you an easy tracking of your updates. Lock info solves the issue that prevails in many iPhones where the notification is poor.

There are many other types of jailbreak Apps available to enhance the performance of your device. But these five apps are sure to contribute something good for your iPhone and give you a new experience with your Smartphone.

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