Do you know how to use the Timeline? Before we get into the specifics, let us have a quick overview of Facebook’s new look.

What is it?

  • The Facebook team introduced it on 22 September 2011 during the F8 Convention and announced on 24 January 2012 that it was going to be mandatory for all the members.
  • Most profile pages automatically upgraded to Timeline on 31 March 2012.
  • The profile user interface (PUI) functions like a life storyboard highlighting main photos, events, and stories.
  • It is an effective medium for catching attention online (that is, combined with social media strategies).

How do you make the most of it?

Unless you wish to build brand exposure or you want to increase your visibility, you can choose not to dedicate too much time and effort on your Facebook Timeline. But if you like to see your name appear in search results, you can apply the tips on this article.

In another note, you will find the insights on this page very useful for your Fan page. In fact, you can use these together with your other online marketing strategies.

So, without further ado, let us start talking about making Facebook’s user interface work to your advantage.

1. Upload images

Generally, Timeline focuses more on photos given that it operates like a visual storyboard. So, instead of concentrating on writing sales pitches as status updates, it is best to post pictures. And, you do not even have to buy a high-end camera. Instead, you can use your mobile phone to snap the shots.

While you are at it, let your potential customers see that you are not all about making money. Maybe, you can show images of you taking part in charity functions. By doing this, who knows, the “Likes” on your Fan page or photos may escalate.

2. Pay attention to your “Cover Photo”

According to a spokesperson from Facebook, “The new cover photo captures the culture and essence of a brand and can showcase their products — it’s the first thing people will see when they visit a brand’s page.”

True enough, a current eye-tracking research have discovered that many individuals pay more attention to this section than to any element on your Wall. So, as you go through various pictures, always choose one that represents your brand well. You can also pick out a photo that features faces to show the human side of your company given that the study have also found out that such images (with people’s faces) appeal to several consumers’ interest than without these.

Above all these, do not forget one important reminder – always follow Facebook’s guidelines on choosing cover photos.

3. Take note of your profile photo too

The space you see at the bottom left corner of the cover serves as a wonderful spot for your brand logo since it accompanies all your posts or comments as a thumbnail image. Therefore, always choose a picture that best embodies your company and its offers like the following Timeline profile photos of some major brands worldwide.

4. Check out Insights

Facebook does more than let you tell a story or show your offers. It also provides you analytical data, which you have to comprehend and use to your advantage. Some of the vital details you can obtain through Insights include your new fans, their gender, and address.

If you are using other tools, Insights will also indicate which of these applications are increasing your connection effectively. As such, you will know whether the time and money you have spent have yielded good returns.

5. Share your story

One way to highlight a memorable moment in your life is to click on the star to make it widescreen.

Alternatively, you can click on “Pin to Top” to make it your top post. When you do this, the content becomes larger and it will be the first element that most users will see. This aspect is important given the fact that social media presents the people with so much information. If you take advantage of this feature, you can cut through the nonsense and present only your best posts.

6. Arrange your apps

You can find apps at the under the right corner of your cover photo and all throughout your Wall. The eye-tracking research (mentioned above) also stated that these elements obtain great visibility too. Therefore, take time to rearrange them. Additionally, assign a customised thumbnail for your company’s special apps. Maybe, you can feature videos, photos, events, and other services related to your offers.

7. Add your milestones

Timeline is like a digital scrapbook, which narrates your stories through status updates, videos, and photos. Take advantage of this fact by populating your Wall with “Milestones” such as your company’s most memorable moments, events, and product launches.

This feature benefits both you and your target market. First, you can show a side of your business that is not just about making profit. Second, you can acquire “Likes”. Third, you can promote your brand subtly. On the other hand, the consumers can learn interesting insights about your enterprise.

8. Embrace your loyal customers

Show your fans that you appreciate them by uploading their Instagrams or photos on your Timeline. Supplement the posts with a link (to them) and a shout-out or words of gratitude.

So, there you have eight ways to make the most of your new Facebook profile interface. Do they seem easy to carry out? You may have heard that it is hard to use. However, it just takes a little “getting used to”. Once you have a hang of its features, you will find that building up your Timeline is actually fun.

About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, an SEO services company listed at the Top 10 of the Microsoft Tech Track 100 for 2011.

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