You are sitting in the lotus position on the top of the desk in your office. You are concentrating on your breathing. Your body is steady and calm and your mind is becoming clear. Your morning meditation routine has finally led to a eureka moment: If you want your new startup company to grow, then you must remove all the distractions of minor tasks. You must be free of trivialities and menial minutia. You have bigger fish to fry. When your secretary, Sheila, opens the door to deliver a list of phone messages, you flash a Zen-like smile and nod sagely: We need to hire more staff and outsource payroll, you say.

Starting a Business is the American Dream

Starting your own business is as American as having a home with a white picket fence in the suburbs. Of course, that Colonial in the cul-de-sac on the edge of town is the reward for having a successful and lucrative business, which takes years of hard work, innovation and devotion. In the make or break, cutthroat world of business and investment, if you want your new startup to succeed, then you need clear your mind, devote your time and come up with a rock solid business blueprint. One good idea is not enough. In order to grow your businesses, you need to come up with several good ideas a day. How are you going to do that if you are faced with a mounting pile of menial tasks?

Think Tanks and a Right Hand Man (Or Woman)

Businesses are not like the movies. You do not grow a Citizen-Kane-style empire overnight or by yourself. Even a small startup needs a nucleus of thoughtful, creative, devoted and industrious staff. In other words, there needs to be a division of labor within the business. There’s an old Italian proverb that says: even a pizza maker can’t make all the pizzas. You need to have a right hand man (or woman) who will manage things when you are not available. You need to have a small and high-powered think tank whose sole purpose is to think about ways to make the business better. From devising creative ways to streamline costs to managing the viral campaign, the right staff is the key to success.

Outsourcing and Time Management

In order to grow a successful business, you must use your time wisely. Freeing yourself from the minutiae of day to day will let you and your team focus on more important matters. Outsourcing small tasks to other companies creates more time for your business. Outsourcing used to have negative connotations, as it suggested that you were taking jobs away from Americans and giving them to workers overseas. However, that is not the case at all. You can have a startup in Boston and outsource jobs to Baltimore or Denver. Today, the office is no longer in the office park. It is a fluid and moveable entity. Outsourcing payroll to third parties began as a controversial practice and has since grown into something of a standard. Outsourcing tasks like email services, call centers, SEO and content writing can help your company remain focused on growth ideas and side projects.

What are the future projections for your bushiness? Just think: With long hours and a bit of grunt work, in no time at all your business will be successful. When that happens all of your employees can take an hour of paid meditation time. With that many clear minds, imagine all the new ideas for further growth. Eureka!

About the author: Joseph Baker has worked in the business world for over 10 years, specifically in management.  He has led development and management teams, and implemented budget reductions both professionally and as an independent contractor. He is also an avid blogger with published topics ranging from social media trends to search media metrics and algorithmic trends. You can reach him at his blog or sign up with   

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