Internet has become one of the biggest platforms to promote online business in best possible way. It is the cost effective method to reach millions of people to raise awareness and build a brand. A new business can be promoted by using various strategies such as; keyword, SEO, social media, linking, e-mail and viral marketing strategies. These methods not only make a business popular but help to grow rapidly in the market. This write up will discuss various methods to promote a small business on internet.

SEO strategy

SEO strategy is one of the most important aspects to promote a business. A website must follow SEO strategy like; SEO friendly navigation, keywords researched items at web pages, sitemap creation, Title and Meta tag keyword use and many more things.SEO strategy helps any website in high ranking and result into making popularity of a website.

Keyword strategy

Putting keyword at several pages on website helps in SEO ranking and decides the popularity of web pages. Keywords must be used at Meta tag, alt text, description tag, URL of a website, different headers, first paragraph of article and links. These places make sure the ranking of a website.

E-mail strategy

E-mail is the biggest resource to reach to the millions of targeted people in very less time. It fetches targeted potential customers and a cost effective method. A company must publish newsletter at monthly basis, so that new and latest update about company to build trust and confidence amongst prospects. E-mail helps in raising brand awareness, brand building and good for future business growth.

Paid advertising strategy

Advertising is the best strategy to get attention of people for a new business. Advertising reaches strongly to the people with some informative message and gets easily into the mind of customers. It helps to raise awareness and helps in building brand. Always choose pay per click, cost per click programs, so that if visitors clicks on ad then it can be visible on internet.

Linking strategy

Linking strategy is also another way to make a website popular. Link your website with reliable websites to make inbound and out bound links. For linking, content of website should be relevant and informative and full of quality. Quality content may give share option and this may lead to building of inbound links. Linking with social media sites makes a website popular reliable and interactive where lots of people can see product’s and company’s information and give their instant feedback or views.

Traditional strategy

It is one of the easiest as well as very convenient ways to promote any small business. Since on internet there is no physical appearance, so it is very important to address people in best possible way. So, using pin code, address, phone number, zip codes are the best option to make a business reachable and accessible. Use these things in title tag so that it can easily be searched by visitors.

Create sitemap

A specific site map helps search engine and visitors to search website in best possible way. It gives overall idea about what the website is all about. It helps to indexes a website accurately. It is very important to submit sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other famous search engine. Google helps the websites in getting high ranking by using this sitemap. Site map is good for a new business to make visitors familiar.

Fine tune with search engine optimization

A business needs to give fine tune with search engine optimization to get best result, because this is the only way a business can get success and make reach to utmost people. A new business needs maximum reach with maximum benefit on internet and this becomes possible when it is structured according to SEO rule, such as; SEO navigation, ruse of researched keywords.

Promote multimedia content of a website

Try to promote multimedia content of a website so that a business can visible to visitors. Multimedia option gives crystal clear image of a business and easily makes positive image of a business without any hurdles. Images, videos, and other rich media help to give more information and create confidence about a business amongst prospects.

Social media

Social media websites are the best resource in this internet era to promote online business in finest possible way. By opting social media option on a website gives opportunity to link with various communities, forum, and network which enhance trust and assurance amongst visitors. This is the best medium to make reach a business top millions of people.


It becomes very difficult to promote a product and services when there is no physical appearance. So promoting business on internet becomes a crucial task for marketers. The promotion can be done by applying above described strategies. This article has discussed various methods to promote a small business on internet.

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