Most college students today always look out for summer internships before they finish their schooling.  These internships provide them with on the job experience, help them build their resume, and allow them to grow as a person.

However, not all internships are alike.  Therefore, when you are looking for an internship, make sure to search to use the following guide to help you.

–Pick the Right Field

First, it is particularly important to choose a job that is in the right field.  If you are studying marketing, then you should look for marketing related jobs.  Obviously there might be jobs that are more related to the type of marketing you would like to pursue.

However, a marketing student should avoid an internship in science or engineering.  Most likely, you won’t qualify for these positions anyway!  However, the idea is to add to your resume.  The majority of college graduates who have completed an internship in their field of study will appear more hirable and have an easier time getting a job.

–Consider Good Locations

Furthermore, the best internships are usually in good locations.  Typically this means you will have to travel to a bigger city.  Sometimes you might even have to leave the country.  This is usually a bonus for students.

It provides them with a great cultural experience while they enhance their job skills.  Although it takes more effort to travel to these locations and find housing, it is usually worth it.  A recognizable location will look better on your resume than a small city.

–Seek Out Top Companies

College students should also seek out top companies to perform their internships at.  A good company looks better on their resume and will provide them with a possible job opportunity in the future.  These benefits are less likely with other companies.

The following can help you understand what makes a good company:

1. Any fortune 500 company (it’s a tough process, but it’s worth it)

2. Startup companies that are growing quickly

3. Companies that have received awards for their success

4. Companies that are consistently profitable

When you are interviewing, do not be afraid to ask the company about their performance.  You are allowed to ask them any questions you have.  After all, you should be able to determine if the company is a good fit you.

Research Online

One of the best ways to find internships today is the Internet.  The web is full of information to help students who are looking for jobs.  You can use this to not only search for jobs, but also to research companies.  This will help you to avoid unnecessary interviews and to better manage your search efforts.

Even better, there are many sites that allow you to search multiple internship opportunities at a time without having to visit several different web pages.  This can simplify your search efforts and allow you to locate the opportunity that is the best fit for you.

Remember to take your time finding an internship.  Be patient during the process – especially with interviews.  Although it might take a lot of effort, it will be worth it.  In the end, you will be able to find the right opportunity for your current needs and future success.

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