The business trends of the present world change at a very high pace. The companies that exist out there try different strategies in order to stand out from the business competition, hire more and more talented people, manage CRM systems and develop the overall business opportunities. How exactly will the economy impact business growth? Our business pros chime in on the year ahead and offer their predictions.

Business experts predict that most business in the United States will gain a majority of their new customers online in 2014. With the development of technology, more and more people prefer to use the Internet in order to look for the products or services that they need.

The convenience of e-commerce has played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. Since the customers are going online, the sales of offline businesses will fall dramatically. In addition, it’s predicted that content will become the main tool pushing users.

People who search for products or services online will use search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google in order to look for the things that they want. This creates an ideal platform for the content to become a major driving force and contribute a lot towards the development of businesses in the coming year.

During the past five years, it was observed that buyers tend to beat up weaker suppliers. Most of the buyers prefer to purchase products or services from well-known brands. This will increase the online marketing efforts of business owners. In addition, buyers are look for sellers whom they can work collaboratively in order to purchase stuff at the best possible price. This will enhance the partnerships between sellers and buyers within 2014.

Many buyers have discovered that paying for a specific product or services on an hourly basis enhances its efficiency while creating a disincentive for innovation. If the vendor takes a longer period of time, they will get the opportunity to earn more money.

In 2014, the best performing companies will start shifting as much as thirty percent of their charges to project based. This will be beneficial for the buyers because they pay for what they get.

The hiring trends are expected to change a lot within 2014. Instead of hiring a general employee, the companies are interested in recruiting subject matter experts. They have noticed that hiring such people can contribute directly towards the development of a company.

The CRM solutions will be simplified in this year because the companies are looking for something beyond traditional spreadsheets. The development of software engineering have already introduced some perfect solutions to this issue. They will enhance the productivity of work that is related to CRMs.

The company owners in the present world are sick of waiting for the economy. So, most of them will take a step forward in order to build their own personal economy. This will bring great results for the innovative companies out there, many of which will make their IPO in 2014.

They will experience an accelerated growth in terms of sales in the latter part of 2014.  Other start-ups will hang their shingles and open their doors for the first time.

Remember, if you’re going at it for the first time there are several legal components to consider when opening a business.  Make sure you “dot your i’s and cross your t’s” so you comply with all local, State and Federal regulations.

2014 looks to be brimming with promise for businesses new and old.  After a sluggish economy reboot in 2014, it can only go better from here.  Stay posted to this blog for more great business news and tips.

About the author: Matthew Boesler is a reporter for Business Insider’s markets desk. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, B.S. in Economics.

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