The railways were one of the UK’s most iconic achievements, helping fuel the industrial revolution by connecting locations across the country. Today, railways are more heavily used than ever as a mode of transport, both for transporting passengers and cargo.

Finding talented individuals with expertise in the rail sector can be challenging, and as with any highly specialised position, recruiters can find it difficult to secure the right personnel for the job. For specialised railway contract recruitment, it’s often a better strategy to team up with a focused niche consultancy, which may be better placed to meet your needs.

Recruiting talent is never easy, and when it comes to specialised functions within your business, or specialised roles with their own unique skill requirements, the challenge becomes even greater. Many businesses will choose to team up with a recruitment agency, in the hope of gaining access to a new, wider talent pool; many will be left unfulfilled and without the right person for the job.

With such niche requirements, traditional hiring routes found on the High Street become much less effective, and hiring managers are forced to look at the available alternatives on offer. Recruitment agencies aren’t by default in the habit of retaining rail experts, and without any insight and understanding of the rail industry, are often ill-equipped to meet your hiring requirements.

In terms of the railway industry, it is common to require expertise within software, systems and mechanics, and depending on the particular role you are recruiting for, you may need a mix of these skills. Rather than an open pool of candidates to choose from, your best bet for finding the right people may be a more targeted, more direct approach, reaching out to those with demonstrable industry experience and a strong background in the particular subset of the rail industry that fits with your role.

Hiring consultants with particular experience in railway contract recruitment are likely to be your best bet, in terms of identifying the right people with the skills to do your job, and reaching out with an offer to get them on board. Wenham Carter Consulting specialise in rail industry recruitment, helping companies and contractors find people with skills across railways software, systems and mechanics.

With existing rail industry knowledge and expertise, hiring in conjunction with Wenham Carter Consulting can help increase the likelihood of finding the right person for the job. When business critical functions depend on the right background skills, sourcing someone competent and capable is never easy.

But with support from experience recruitment partners, with in-house expertise in the rail industry and railway contract recruitment, sourcing the right people for your business can become significantly less stressful.

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