Many businesses are making the change away from traditional fax machines to using cloud-based online faxing solutions. Online faxing presents businesses with a range of great benefits, from cost savings and enhanced security to improved worker efficiency and mobility. For startups, online faxing represents a significant opportunity because it means less upfront costs as well as reduced long-term expenses in phone lines, paper, and ink. Keep reading to find out more benefits that online faxing can have for your business.

1. Higher worker efficiency.

With online faxing, employees don’t have to waste time walking to the fax machine, waiting to send or receive a fax, or having to deal with the multitude of technical difficulties that are so common to traditional faxing. Employees simply send the fax straight from their desktop via the Internet and continue working. When they receive a fax, it goes directly to their inbox, so again, they don’t have to waste time or disrupt their concentration by going to retrieve faxes.

2. No more bulky expensive office equipment.

A business that is just getting going usually has very limited office space. Being able to reduce the amount of hardware that takes up valuable office or storage space is a huge plus for a startup that opts for online faxing.

3. Reduce expenses.

For startups, initial investment expenses are very high, so being able to save from having to buy one more piece of equipment or pay for another service is a great a benefit. With online faxing, businesses don’t need to buy a separate machine for faxing, nor do they need to contract an extra phone line for fax service. Over time, businesses will also save substantially on paper and ink because everything is now being done online in the cloud.

4. Staying green.

Fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper each year in the U.S. and cost $621,000,000 per year to power. Using less paper and other resources means that businesses can better adhere to green commitments to cut their overall waste and carbon footprints.

5. Less maintenance.

Businesses don’t have to worry about repairing or giving regular maintenance to an office fax machine. This can often be very costly, so switching to online faxing reduces the risk for maintenance-related expenses.

6. Employees can fax from anywhere.

With the growing trend of employees working from home or on the go, online faxing allows employees to fax from anywhere. There’s no need for them to invest in a fax machine to work from their home office. Plus, they can send faxes from even the most remote places as long as there’s a good Internet connection and computer.

7. Improved document security.

When an employee sends an online fax, that document goes directly to the inbox of the intended recipient. There is very little risk that someone else could see the document or interrupt its delivery. In contrast, with traditional faxing, the fax machine is usually in a common area. The risk that a document could fall into the hands of someone else is very high, or the document can simply get lost because papers are easily misplaced, damaged, or destroyed.

Businesses now have a great choice of online faxing companies to choose from, so do your research to see what service is best for your business’s needs.

Author: Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as,,, Boris is the founder of MonetaryLibrary and

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