YouTube videos have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. As such, more and more individuals are beginning to create their own videos and start personal channels.

According to Google 91% of mobilephone users turn to their devices to figure out how to complete a task they are undertaking and more than 100 million hours of how-to videos have been watched in the USA in the first five month of 2015.

These are the common options for recording your videos to YouTube, each with their own specific requirements.

1. Mobile recording

For those who like to capture video in the moment, mobile recording is a great option. Since individuals usually have their smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets with them on the go, it is easy to snap pictures or videos that can be transposed into one video later. YouTube has capture and editing applications that make it easy to create videos from images and video captured on mobile devices, and there are downloadable apps that you may utilize as well.

2. Webcam

For a personal, more intimate fill in your video you may consider utilizing your webcam. This option is especially useful for those individuals looking to film themselves. Most new computers have webcams built into them, otherwise webcams can be purchased quite cheaply. You may decide to record and edit your video with a unique video editing software before uploading it to YouTube, or you may record and edit directly on YouTube utilizing the webcam capture feature and its built-in editing options. It is created to make the process quite simple and eliminates a step, saving time and energy.

3. Professional recording

It can be scary to record yourself at first. If you intend to create a business out of it, make it professional. Try and record some videos just for yourself to watch back and learn what you need to improve. Script your video if that helps you be more confident. Professional recording equipment can add that extra polished look to your videos. For auditions, training videos and other professional causes, this style of video recording is optimal. However, it does also come with that professional price tag, as there are several needed parts:

1. Professional digital camera

2. Tripod

3. Quality microphones

4. Additional lighting

5. Solid colored backdrop

Though all of the aspects may not be completely necessary, they are very helpful in creating the desired video. A high definition camera will pick up everything, and the additional parts will help to make sure that the video is professional in every manner.

All three of the aforementioned recording options are viable and can be beneficial in various situations. Depending upon your particular needs, you may select one or a few of the options to create the perfect video. With the right editing application you can combine the different parts into one cohesive video.

The types of content that work best on YouTube

1/ Educational. How-to guides, interviews, tutorials, and demos. This category is probably the most popular on YouTube. For big projects and small fixes, people look for how-to videos on YouTube, increasingly on mobile.

2/ Informational/Product reviews. Content curation and product review videos are also very popular. Millions of people rely on video reviews to make a decision on what products to buy.

3/ Entertainment. Most people check out fun and entertaining YouTube videos in their leisure times. If you can record fun, easy-going and not-too serious stuff, you can attract a decent following.

On marketing your channel

A greater percentage of marketing your YouTube channel and gaining new viewers can be achieved on social media. To increase your reach and improve your engagement with your video blog, consistently post interesting behind-the-scenes content, images and clips, cool updates, questions, and other engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social channels where users   will find your content useful.

Most YouTube users discover videos by using search, by recommendations and related videos. Optimize your channel and videos to have a better chance of getting in front of prospective subscribers.

For more helpful tips you can research different recording options as well as access the YouTube Creator Academy for tutorials on creating quality videos. Whatever your choice, make sure that you are patient during the learning process and enjoy developing a new craft.

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