Attending a trade show is a brilliant way to market a new business. It can help boost brand awareness and gain new customers. There’s lots of competition at a trade show, so you need to know how to stand out. Luckily, I have four insane ideas that can help you stand out at any event:

1. A unique and awesome exhibit

The main focus of the trade show will be your exhibit. This is similar to a booth, but larger and can contain more stuff. An exhibit allows people to have a little wander around and see various things that you have on display.

But, the key to standing out is making sure you have a unique exhibit. Something that’s different to the rest and makes people take a second glance. You can get custom rental exhibits that are tailored to your wants and needs.

If you’re having a bit of a brain freeze, then browse Steelhead Productions for ideas. Once you’ve got the design sorted, you’re ready to get everything set up and start standing out.

2. Promotional staff

Another great idea is to hire a load of promotional staff for the event. Hire people to walk around the trade show promoting your business and directing people to your exhibit. This is a fantastic idea because it means people on the other side of the trade show floor can hear about you.

Your promotional staff can hand out leaflets too, so you’re increasing brand awareness at the same time. If you want to stand out, then this is a very good way to ensure you do just that.

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3. A killer sales pitch

You may be able to get people to your exhibit, but can you keep them there? You can, if you’ve got a killer sales pitch. Keep people entertained and give them a reason to stay around your exhibit for as long as possible. Pitch them your business, sell it to them.

Make it seem like your company is the key to solving all their problems. When people hear your pitch, they should be won over instantly. This is what separates the good from the bad in trade shows. If a company can keep people around their exhibit with a solid pitch, they’ll be laughing!

4. Relevant and current technology

This final point is very important and relates to all of the previous three. If you’re using technology, you’re going to stand out. Technology shows you’re a forward-thinking, modern, business.

The public love this, it draws them in like moths to a flame. How can you use tech at a trade show? To start with, you can have lots of screens and monitors in your exhibit. Use these to display information, promotional videos, etc.

Secondly, you could have your promotional staff use tablets to show people slideshows about your business and get them to your area. Thirdly, use the screens and tablets in your sales pitch to help keep people around your exhibit.

By doing this, you look modern, and it will keep everyone engaged, trust me. Impressing at industry events is key if you want your business to expand and do well.

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