Every employer wants to get the best of their workforce. If you’ve recently launched a startup, the chances are that you’ll be heavily reliant on your team.Here are five simple ways to increase employee productivity and boost your business.

1. Promoting healthy living

No business can afford to support countless lost working days, least of all a startup. Try to reduce the risk of work-related illnesses among your staff team by ensuring the workplace is safe and clean.

Arrange for a commercial cleaning company to visit on a regular basis. Encourage regular breaks and offer advice on making healthy lifestyle choices. Offer nutritious meals in the canteen and set up an office football or tennis team.

Provide equipment to prevent injuries, such as back pain, and carry out routine risk assessments. Ensure all staff members have relevant training in areas such as lifting and handling.

2. Emphasize the importance of teamwork

In the vast majority of cases, businesses succeed based on the work of a group, rather than an individual. Teamwork makes people feel valued and encourages them to work harder.

Create shared goals and foster strong relationships. Organize away days and team building exercises. Get everyone together for regular meetings. Make sure each member feels valued.

3. Invest in the latest (modern) technology

Today, we live in a society dominated by technology and most of us rely on technical inventions to do our day job. If you’re eager to stay ahead of the crowd and embrace innovation, invest in the latest technology. Technology diversifies the services you can offer, and it also enables employees to do jobs faster. It can also help to cut costs and improve efficiency.

4. Reward loyalty and success

It’s human nature to try harder when you really want something, or you want to impress somebody you admire. Make sure your employees understand that you are grateful for their loyalty and hard work.

Reward team successes and remind your workforce of their value to the company on a regular basis. If your team is happy at work, it’s more likely to strive for further success. You don’t have to go crazy with bonuses or extravagant gifts. But a gesture from time to time will make all the difference.

5. Encourage continual improvement

When you launch a business, all you dream of is success. If you start well, don’t get complacent and stop trying. Keep striving to go further and grow bigger and get your team involved.

Work together to achieve new goals and reach the dizzy heights. Set realistic, but ambitious targets. Use measures such as customer feedback and audits to monitor progress and think about ways you can continue to improve.

Most business owners are reliant on a team of people to succeed. In business, you’ll quickly learn that you get what you give. If you value your workforce, your staff members will give you everything.

Provide them with a safe and comfortable setting, reward them and work together. Keep striving for the top and you should see your business go from strength to strength.

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