As a social media marketing executive, you have probably heard of Pokémon GO. This mobile gaming app is quickly skyrocketing in popularity, so much so that it has already surpassed the active user-base on Tinder.

Anyway, amid all the awesome fun and buzz that you will have exploring your local neighborhood to collect Pokémon with your friends, there are several great reminders that you can use to learn about how to build a highly dedicated following online. Consider the following ways you can use Pokémon GO to improve your social media marketing:

3 Lessons from Pokémon Go for Social Media Marketers

1. Collect valuable tools 

The game allows players to fill their backpacks with valuable items. As a social media marketer, you could use this lesson to learn how to equip yourself with the tools required for success. These tools include, but are not limited to:

a) Buffer

Use Buffer to schedule your social media posts and stay on top of the content you market without having to interrupt your daily workflow.

b) Sprout Social

This is another one of the solid tools you can use to perform social media marketing analytics and for scheduling your posts. Having your analytics in one place will make it easier and more convenient for you to monitor your performance.

c) TweetDeck 

TweetDeck is perfect for social media monitoring. It will help you track every conversation happening about your brand over the internet, as well as to interact with all your customers in a timely manner.

d) Stocksnap 

This is another of the valuable items Pokémon GO should prove that you need. It will come in handy when you need to include images in your posts to boost your social engagement.

2. Get new followers

Catching Pokémon is sort of like getting new followers – and just as exciting. For the trainers in the game, it is not easy to catch Pokémon. It will require hard work, especially when you are looking to catch higher level Pokémon success.

This is the same for social media marketers who work tirelessly, persistently, and constantly.

In the game, you need to use incense or set lures to get more Pokémon. Take this in good stride and adopt it in your social media marketing efforts. Use basic tactics to help you grow your following.

For instance, add follow buttons to your website. Alternatively, try the following follower collection approaches

  • Publish tons of high quality content
  • Promote your content
  • Include unbeatable calls-to-action
  • Host contests and giveaways
  • Use photos: ALWAYS
  • Create a targeted email list

3. Train to improve

You need to train at Pokémon GO to get better. Of course, it might be difficult to draw comparisons between taking over Pokémon gyms and social media marketing. However, you cannot overlook the value of training to improve your marketing skills.

Like in the game, you must increase your experience points. To become more effective as a social media marketer you are required to learn the ropes for success.

Remember, social media keeps changing, so you have tons of room for experimentation and for trying out new channels, tactics, and campaigns. In social media – as in Pokémon GO – you must push yourself to improve and grow a highly engaged and conversion-able following.

  • Tweet from 12 to 2 a.m. EST
  • Sunday and Saturday mornings yield exceptionally results with social media marketing.
  • Repeat yourself where necessary, especially on Twitter
  • Use attractive images to tell people what your post is about
  • Create a blog powerhouse by integrating your social media channels when new posts are released.

Overall, there is more to Pokémon GO than meets the eye. Although the game will not benefit you directly, it will indirectly provide you with a guide on how to act on social media,

Learning the ropes of how to correctly work with all the different social media channels can bring a huge dividend in returns as it amounts to your bottom line ROI results. As the brand image of your company becomes easier to find the potential growth of sales in products and services is unquestionable.

Be the best with all your social marketing campaigns. Become the influencer your business needs to experience great success on the web. The impact that correct involvement with social media can have is unquestionable. That means that the only question is will you take proper advantage of the social media opportunities that are waiting for you?

Jennifer Daly is a WordPress guru with experience launching countless websites and maximizing their speed. She is an expert of Social Media Marketing.