Nowadays, mobile app startup has become a vogue for the individuals empowered with a unique app idea along with sufficient funds in bank accounts. Today is the era of mobility. Mobile app benefits people with almost all kind of services right at their doorstep.

We can see leading examples like UBER, GlamSquad, Washio that changed the entire business scenario. The on-demand startups are pushing the boundaries of convenience – Converting user pain points into lavish services. The success of such applications is the result of the farsighted vision that was beyond having an amazing app idea.

Well, the success of mobile app does not simply rely on best or unique app idea. It takes lot more efforts to make your app development project a successful venture.

Systematic planning, interactive UI/UX, and robust development are some key factors that help app development company in building a successful app. For all startups that want to deliver successful mobile app, here is the list of series that will help you to ensure best results for your app.

1. Plan and prioritise your features backlogs

A backlog is nothing but the list of features that you wish to integrate into your app development project. It must be in an organized manner so that app developers can understand the most significant elements or features of an app.

You also need to define the priority of each feature. It will help developers to draft plan where they can in line hight priority features during coding time. Being an entrepreneur, you also need to spare 10% of your budget for some unexpected additional expense occurred during app development.

2. Conduct meetings after every sprint

To guarantee that app development team is working towards achievement of a business goal, it is necessary to conduct a meeting after every sprint. Sprints are time-based iterative phases that results in working product at the end.

During the meeting, developers might be allocated new features and functionalities they need to focus before the end of every sprint. These will help developers to stay focused during app development and avoid blunders at an early phase.

3. Daily morning meetings are a must

Before beginning with app development, a daily meeting should be organized wherein discussion regarding completed task and today’s task is done. It also gives solutions for the problems occurred during meetings.

This meeting ensures that developers do report their project managers on daily basis. This will make project communication easy and clear. It will also help project manager to send project status to clients at regular intervals.

4. Reviews from the sprints happening in chain

Towards the end of each sprint, development team holds review sheet of all the completed task. It is quite important to have reviews of clients as after their approval the actual procedure is conducted.

It consumers 2 weeks to plan things, develop, design and test the entire module. But, all these things can take place after client acknowledgment and final approval regarding all the things.

5. Check the intuitiveness factor to the core

Do you think that your app is good enough to make client’s life simple and easy? An instinctive app can give your client an amazing experience while ensuring that client make use of app without any kind of external help.

There are apps out in the market that have best UI and streamline functions. This will become major reason for the app to hit market and app store. Additionally, an app free from bugs and crash will undoubtedly offer the best experience to clients.

So before delivering an app to the client, check out that whether your app is responsive enough and gives the best performance that meets client expectations or not.

6. Create a buzz before the app comes into play

Don’t fail to promote your app among people. One of the main reason behind popularity of the app is they exhibit the app before development.

The promotion of app is in the form of ratings, reviews, video teasers, social media post, and recordings. So, do not forget to conduct pre-launch and post-launch activities to create more buzz of your app among the audiences.

7. Let just one core feature be the main goal of your project

Confusing yourself with a huge number of features, crazy thoughts and formats will not lead you anywhere. It’s not bad to have good concepts but, extensive conceptualization can even lead to the destruction of application.

So, an app creator or app owner needs to concentrate on the single unique feature, make it your app USP and revolve things surrounding it. You can have streams of thoughts but implement only a few to get best results.

If you fail to recognize any of the above points, you may end up losing your app visibility among a huge range of the audience. So, follow the above points and ensure the success of your app.

Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. He is very disciplined, soft spoken and enthusiastic person. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. You can follow him on Twitter @Harniloza.