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Probably the only startup directory that offers a blog post opportunity for every business that is listed on it. When your startup is listed on AllTopStartups Directory, an entire blog post can be written about your company on the AllTopStartups blog.

This helps in creating brand awareness for companies and also serves as a great way to make sure people know what you do and how you can help them (when they search for you on the web).

The goal of submitting your startup should be more than just getting backlinks. You also want to build relationships with potential customers and even investors.

**We reserve the right to not publish your startup for any reason. 

Please note: Our editing team asks for a $39 editorial fee to keep AllTopStartups Listings.

**Payment helps AllTopStartups do a couple of things:

1. Format, edit, and publish your submission. It takes time, money, and effort to punish and maintain listings for as long as the site is active.

3. Maintain impartiality to all startups. Since we are not sponsored or funded, we are able to feature businesses of all kinds!


AllTopStartups Permanent Directory Listing
Startup directory listing in less than 48 hours
Claim verified green badge listing
Featured on homepage for a week
Dofollow backlink (DA 66)


Startup directory listing in less than 48 hours
Featured on homepage for a month
Review of your startup on AlltopStartups blog
Claim verified green badge listing
Dofollow backlink (DA 66)
Promotion of review on Twitter (76K followers)

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