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Today’s innovative startups are changing how we use technology, how we lead our daily productive lives and how run our businesses.Young business leaders are changing how we use our mobile devices, how we interact with each other, what we share, how we share information with each other, how we consume information, how we listen to music, how we pay for products, how we travel, how we connect etc.


–In this free eBook, you’ll find out:

1. What 20 of the most successful startups did right when they launched.

2. How they got their ideas, the goals they had at the time of launch, marketing strategies they used before and after launch, decisions they took when their businesses started growing, company culture they keep, hiring processes and what they are still doing right, today.

3 other books you will find useful 

3. Lessons they learned on the road to success and advice for young entrepreneurs.

–Featured startups:

Spotify, Airbnb, Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox, Evernote, Hootsuite, Foursquare, Flipboard, Quora, Box, Kickstarter, Udemy, Snapchat, Fab, Codecademy, Coursera, Skillshare, Pocket and Square.

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