Globetrooper is a tool for travellers to create trips and invite people from all over the world to join them, in the site’s own words. Users of the free site can begin by browsing through the user-created trips already listed there, or they can create their own and invite friends, family and even strangers to join them.

The Globetrooper website also contains detailed information about regions and adventures in the Globe Guide.

Within group travel with people whom have similar travel aspirations, you can work together to make the most of your trip. You can put your minds together to invent ingenious ways to live with locals and/or discover untouched and untrodden places.

People take the opportunity to travel with others to make new friends, for increased safety in difficult regions, to learn from each other, and of course, to share most memorable experiences with people who can appreciate them.

Global travel with others, especially complete strangers can adds another dimension to your Trips. Occasionally, it can be testing, but by far, these trips have the potential to be the most rewarding.

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