Android developers are building apps capable of handling all kinds of work and personal tasks, from email and schedules to file management and to-do lists.These apps will help you work smarter, get more accomplished, save time and stay organized.

Power Note: Developed by Diigo and users can add SMS, text notes, voice recordings, and it also has a “read later” feature.
Note Everything Pro: It’s similar to Power Note and feature packed.
CamScanner Pro: It creates PDFs, sharing to Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs
GTasks: Simple to-do app that seamlessly syncs with Google Tasks.
Springpad: Helps you to maintain documents, links etc and syncs to cloud.
Digital + Analog clock widget: allows you to coordinate with teams overseas.
Concur: Helps to manage your receipts.
Documents To Go – office suite, good syncing with Dropbox/Google docs
My Backup Pro – back up apps, settings, SMS either to SD card or online, can be scheduled for a particular time/day as well.
PhoneWeaver – an Android Profile manager that let’s you control all your phone settings (sounds, configurations and even apps) by location, agenda (meetings), time, connections (car for example) and even cell ID!
SafeWallet – a password manager that is ultra portable (multiple platform support (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and more) and is very secure and easy to use.
Swype: very useful for typing faster or easily sending text messages and emails with Google voice recognition.
SemiSilent – allows you to silence your phone so you won’t be disturbed. However, you can white-list certain contacts that you still want to be available to, so they can still ring your phone and get a hold of you.
Dropbox- manage files in fully synced folders from desktop and mobile devices
CamCard Lite- allows you to snap pictures of business cards and automatically import that information to your virtual Rolodex.

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