Cellular South, a diversified mobile communications company have combed through thousands of apps offered on the Android Market specifically geared towards business professionals and have identified the best apps to help them stay connected and productive on-the-go. You may find these Android apps useful.

Cellular South Discover Apps- Top Android Business Apps:

  • Nitrodesk Touchdown Exchange – This app is a full-fledged mail and calendar client that uses Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync to communicate with your business enterprise mail server. Clear, well designed screens give users a quick view of recent unread mail, upcoming appointments and tasks and there’s a widget that gives quick access to the same information without having to open the application.
  • Documents To Go for Android – With this app users can get their work done no matter where they are. Users can go to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as view Adobe PDF files on their Android-powered smartphone. And since it is full featured and easy to use, Documents To Go for Android is one mobile office suite that makes good business sense.
  • Astro File Manager – Shows users a complete list of files and directories on any Android device, allows users to view images as thumbnails, create Zip files and manage files on internal memory and SD cards.
  • Scan2PDF Mobile – Users can snap a photo and then save the image as a PDF, which can be emailed to business associates.
  • ServerUp – This app is perfect for IT professionals by showing users whether a company server or a Web server is down and sends alerts directly to the mobile device. Users can also perform basic networking tasks, such as a trace route, WHOIS look-up and ping check.
  • Hello Expense – Allows users to enter basic expense details such as lunch meetings, the associated expenses, attach a category and track meeting attendees. The app has a built-in calculator that can be used for adding up expenses and determining tips.
  • Trip It – One of the most powerful travel companions for Android, Trip It allows users to track trip information in terms of hotel plans, airline and car rentals. These details are rolled up into one itinerary that can be saved and shared with business associates. The app also sends travel alerts related to travel plans.
  • Mighty Meeting – The app lets users host slideshows in the Cloud and then access them from a device and play them for clients. Users can also run an interactive meeting – sharing slides over the Web.
  • ActionComplete – The task manager helps users track their busy work lives on their mobile device. Each action is listed on an easy-to-use summary screen. Users can categorize tasks, sync with Web task manager and control the priority of a variety of tasks. MyCoupons is a great way to find local restaurants and stores that are offering specials users may have not found on their own. The program is simple to use and continues to grow with the number of offers available.

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