Need To Sell Your Car? Mobile Inspector Takes Care of The Details

Need To Sell Your Car? Mobile Inspector Takes Care of The Details

If you’re thinking of selling or trading-in your car, cDemo has created Mobile Inspector to help you make the process simple and easy. Mobile Inspector lets you quickly and easily merchandise your inventory online from one device. Mobile Inspector gives you step-by-step instructions to professionally document, photograph and video their vehicle.

Using only one device without any extra data entry, cDemo allows you to quickly and easily capture data for your products and merchandise your inventory.

Using an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch Mobile Inspector gives dealers a powerful hand held tool to standardize their inspection data. Mobile Inspector, available in the iTunes store, creates a step by step inspection process that collects data, photos, and video on a vehicle. The inspection follows a dealer-defined set of questions so all inspections have same data consistency and accuracy.

Once a detail inspection is completed, the data is automatically streamed to a web based dashboard where a dealer can send the collected data to multiple channel partners.

Those channels include the dealer’s primary website,,, Automotive Advertising Network, eBay, DMI,, Dealer eProcess, and dozens of other classified websites.

You can capture Over 20 Photos, record Vehicle Specs, record Vehicle Damage, distribute vehicle data & photos via email, data Reveal Via 2D Barcode and customizable distribution channels.

A detailed inspection takes 15 minutes and the wealth of data collected in amazing. Mobile Inspector will also display your vehicle in your very own online vehicle showroom. The website address for your showroom can be accessed from your dashboard at


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