Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat! It’s pretty much the same for most startups. The few lucky ones (one out of ten) are able to scale to become the next big thing. Every entrepreneur thinks he or she is creating the next big thing. Well, you can’t afford to be pessimistic, otherwise you will give up before you even start. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship should be all about-unleashing ideas in the mist of all the obstacles! From popular activities like company email and file sharing to simple tasks like photo sharing, there are apps for almost every productive task in a startup-not just yet! On your way to the top, these productivity tools will be useful.

Tools you probably use already!

Dropbox: Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.

Evernote: Great tool for capturing and sharing thoughts.

Google Apps: Email, Chat, Docs for the startup

Yammer:  Collaboration @ the office. Think Facebook for employees.

LaunchRock – Create a viral “coming soon” landing page

List of tools

HBS Startup Tribe Tools List : list of online tools exceptionally helpful to startups.

Startup Weekend tools list : Database of resources to help you kick start your business.

Tools and services for a lean startupList of tools just for startups.

Founders Workbook – A Checklist for the Startup Owners Manual

Business Model Canvas – free downloadable Canvas

Startup Foundry tools list : Quick list to get your startup up in running in no time

Founder Collaboration Agreement: Yea, you need to get it right from the beginning!

Amazon Web Services: Several solutions that are all pay-as-you-go just for starting up.

Crowdsourced selection of useful tools for startups.


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