Plugg is a one-day conference with a clear focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and raising global awareness for those European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field that stand out in the crop.The following startups were selected among close to 126 others.The technologies these companies are using for the companies are impressive.

BeeBole is an online tool helping small and medium companies as well as freelancers to manage their business.Track your Time, Manage your Expenses, Invoice your Customers Plus many other Tools, also from other Providers, all Integrated in One Place.

ApSynth provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to build Rich Internet Application available on demand in the ApSynth’s marketplace.They are still in development stage.

Bukbok is an online on-demand publishing company. Customers can publish and sell their work for free and worldwide, both paper and e-books.

Byburt is a software that helps ad agencies to better understand and leverage technology to create more entertaining, clever and efficient campaigns.Their first three products are COPYBOX:The Photoshop for copywriters,MEME MACHINE: dynamic ads, RICH :Campaign analytics for insightful creatives.

ContextIn offers a unique semantic technologies, improving the performance of online display advertising.Their multi-lingual semantic algorithms increase relevancy and targeting to deliver the most valuable, targeted advertising inventory and traffic quality.

Desktop Reporting
Desktop Reporting brings Google Analytics to the desktop, with a host of features that help you understand how your web site is performing and where you can improve. From tracking your visitors, referrals and campaigns to viewing your AdWords ROI metrics, Desktop Reporting is a must-have for every Web business.

CannyBill is a web based invoicing and billing solution for businesses and web designers. Easily create, send and manage invoices and accept payments online via credit card. You can also sell your products and services using order forms which your customers can signup to and even link to live API’s such as Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Geotrust, Enom, Basecamp etc

HammerKit was founded in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland with the goal of making designer-friendly tools for the creation of dynamic web services. This year, the company launched services business targeting creative agencies, media companies and web designers with the offer of a complete online studio for the production and maintenance of dynamic web services.

AlertFox is the first web application monitoring service that offers complete transaction monitoring for all types of web applications and is based on the iMacros technology. AlertFox is an in-depth monitoring service for Web 2.0 and SaaS web applications. It takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to website monitoring.For example, AlertFox records and reports not only the uptime of an ecommerce store, but also monitors all the complicated steps of the complete checkout process (transaction monitoring).

Jinni’s social search-and-recommendation engine uses our Movie Genome, a big, ongoing project with the Jinni community to describe video more complexly. Using proprietary technology, a Jinni search takes you inside plot elements, atmosphere, and more – for search that reflects how we think and talk about movies.

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