Startups are emerging from all corners of the world to make a difference in the technology and software industry this year.Some are already in business and others will be presenting their ideas for the first time at most demo conferences this year. A lot of technology bloggers have made their predictions and it is my duty to present to you what I think about these predictions and startups.

I will start with Scobleizer’s list . He made a lot of analysis about the ideas. I was most impressed with Boxee because I think internet TV will be taken to another level this year. You can have a look at his list and let others know what you think. The second part of the list featured Payvment.They are bringing ecommerce to social networks. Redbecon was featured on this blog when they won TechCrunch 50. Watch out for them. Other ideas could be replicated around the same concept of getting price quotes and booking appointments with local businesses.Its simple ,but unique. Boxee was again features in erodov’s list. .

PC World has their own version of startups to watch this year. vator.tv focused on industries to watch in 2010 and Web TV was not left out of the list.

For a complete list of startup lists predicted for 2010, take a look at younoodle scores by industry leaders.. Do not forget to add your predictions.

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  • Streaming live from Juice Pitcher (vator.tv)
  • Internet connected TVs (bombtune.com)
  • Former Ask.com CEO Lanzone Launches Video Search Engine (paidcontent.org)
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