Banckle is a collaboration development company dedicated to delivering cloud-computing solutions to enterprises on a global scale. Banckle is a suite of powerful collaboration tools — file sharing, web conferencing, live and group chat, email server, remote access, site search, enterprise-level instant messaging — and made all of them accessible online via an intuitive dashboard interface.

Banckle is free for one year. You may be wondering why this enterprise productivty suite is free. Well this is what the team has to say about that.

It starts with a Vision. Not to be overly dramatic, but the fuel that powers Banckle stems from our passion for productivity and innovation. In short, we believe that your capability to realize the best in yourself originates from collaboration at all levels! Offering our real-time solutions at no cost for one whole year is an initial step in our quest to Move Every Business Forward.


  1. Howdy, informative website, should be developed! I have bookmarked for future reference! Greetings

    • Thanks Michael, what do you exactly mean by "should be developed" The blog or the product you read about.


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