Annot8 seeks to provide a simple yet effective way for companies of any size to advertise on-line using rich and interactive content that was created in one place and shown consistently across all websites. Annot8 is based in Nottingham, UK and its patent pending technology has been developed to provide an alternative and additional option to the existing ways of advertising online and complement the marketing mix currently available. By providing an alternative to Search Engine Optimisation, the User Centred Optimisation approach will allow us to provide the right content to the right people at the right time.

Users can build an advertising campaign that can be seen on a trillion relevant websites few minutes after registering; and with a minimum spend of £10 and a low rate of 3.5p per click you can maximise your brand awareness and product sales. For small businesses, the pay as you go model allows you to budget and control your advertising spend, whilst larger companies can build rich and interactive advertisements targeting potential customers currently outside of their traditional reach.

The site is aimed at consumers, businesses and charities. The basic idea is that upon registering on annot8 and sets some specific preferences before downloading a plugin to your favourite browser. As you browse the web, annot8 shows adverts and relevant content you have chosen to see based on the preferences you have chosen and the adverts that are relevant to the page you are viewing.