GoSquared provides real-time website analytics that lets you to see who’s on your website right now. It has two products: LiveStats and Trends. LiveStats gives a real-time dashboard of a site’s traffic information, while Trends stores all of this useful information and builds simple, easy to understand graphs and tables.

GoSquared has introduced a new version of its LiveStats product to strengthen it’s position in real time analytics. The new version 3 of LiveStats just went live and brings a new interface which focuses around the popularity of a site’s content. The central area shows the most popular pages; the left side shows where your traffic is coming from; and it has and has full Twitter integration so you can see who’s talking about the site in real time.

GoSquared was a finalist in The Europas in the Best European Startup Tool For Startups 2010 category.

Chartbeat on the other hand provides real-time analytics service that enables people to understand emergent behaviour in real-time and exploit or mitigate it. Chartbeat has a realtime dashboard that shows you what stories, pages, or items are hot and where traffic is coming from, or how fast your pages are loading is crucial to just about any site today. Chartbeat launched in April 2009.


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