The world is now more social. We share, we like, we tweet, retweet, link and generally exchange information on the social web. But how do you keep track of the things you like? wants to take care of that for you. By connecting into your social networks, monitors and collects the links that you find interesting across the social web. It indexes the web pages these links point to and builds a personal search engine, so you never have to tag or describe a link again, you just search and will find it again for you., which launched in December 2010 and operating on the philosophy that link sharing is “inherently social”, says that it is trying to change the nature of social bookmarking. Bull attributes the timing of’s launch to the rumoured demise of competitor Delicious.

According to co-founder Tim Bull, bookmarking is no longer a solitary activity where users record things for their own personal reference. “What if we just let you do your normal social behaviour, and started tracking and pulling those links back together?” he said.