Start-up is calling on developers to add their apps to its cross-platform mobile app marketplace ahead of its launch in four weeks time. The new marketplace also aims to overcome some of the current limitations with Android Market which include the lack of an app discovery website accessible from the desktop, the lack of universal availability for many Android apps and restrictions on the use of Google Checkout in many countries.

Features of the

#Offer developers an app discovery solution so that users can more easily find their apps.
#Charges developers a 5 percent fee.
#Market’s app advertising widgets will enable developers to promote their apps to targeted users.
#Developers bid to appear on slots in the widgets which are placed on relevant websites by
#No setup or monthly fees. It is totally free!
#Analyze your downloads and earnings
# Enjoy 95% payouts when someone buys your app
#Import your app details from Android Market directly into!
# Promote directly to buyers in verticals that your app is made for describes itself as “a self-funded bootstrapped startup”. Incorporated in Singapore.