Genieo today announced at the 27th annual Macworld 2011 its free personalized home page service is now available for Mac users. Genieo debuted last year at DEMO 2010, and has been widely adopted and enjoyed by PC users who sought to be more productive online.

Genieo learns your interests through online behavior and then combs social and news feeds for what’s relevant to you at any moment, such as blogs, videos, articles, Facebook status updates, tweets, Quora topics and breaking news.

Genieo keeps track of where you go and what you read on the Web, and then creates a newsy home page with stories you’ll actually want to see.

How does Genieo differ from other personalized homepages?

Genieo is self operating and does not require the user to specify any input as to his interests or requests. It automatically studies your interests, explores, filters and presents the information specifically relevant to you, on your Homepage. In addition, Genieo is a desktop application.

As such, its entire mapping and profiling process is performed solely on your computer – unlike other personalized homepages, which require interaction with web servers. This means your private data is always maintained on your own computer and is not registered or shared anywhere on the web


  1. This software is essentially a trojan that is almost impossible to remove. The average computer user will have an extremely difficult time removing it, let alone a seasoned professional.

    So your header “How does Genieo differ from other personalized homepages?” should have been answered with “It’s almost impossible to kill”

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