The WOWee ONE is a compact portable speaker unit which provides a full range frequency response. It is intended for use as both a fixed and portable solution for all iPod, iPad, mp3, mp4, mobile phone and computer applications.

The WOWee ONE was recently voted as on of the “Five Nuggets” by CNN for gadgets and applications from the recent CES show in Las Vegas.

The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and can deliver up to 20 hours of playtime per charge. It can be recharged via computer USB or a 5V USB power adapter using a plug. A built-in audio limiter allows the WOWee ONE to handle a wide dynamic range of signal inputs.

WOWee ONE Specifications

#Dimensions (WxLxH): 60 x 120 x 25.8 mm

#Product Weight: 200g

#Driver: 1 x conventional Cone speaker, 1 x Gel Audio™ driver

#Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz

#Amplifier: D-Class

#Output Power: 2W RMS

#Input Power: 5V DC (via mini USB)

#Rechargable Battery (Built-in): Lithium Ion 3.7v

#Playback Duration: Up to 20hrs

#Audio Input: 3.5 mm audio jack

#Compatible: iPod™, iPad™, mp3, mp4, mobile phone and computer applications.

#Pack includes: USB Charging cable


  1. Yes, this gadget is AMAZING! Just got mine today and have been going around the house putting it on everything! So far it's perfect, no distortion at all.


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