AppsGeyser is a web platform that allows you to convert any web content to an Android App. With AppsGeyser you can convert any web content or widget into an App in 2 simple steps.

There are two ways to build your Android App: code the app or make an templates-based app, like your RSS feed. AppsGeyser allows websites with web widgets or any interactive content to build their own Android App without any additional costs.

AppsGeyser believes that how users access information has changed since the introduction of apps . Users search for apps to access Twitter, Facebook, news and weather instead of using a browser to search for this information. More and more people prefer to get information through the apps.

Users are given the freedom to create apps by using specific parts of websites, not just RSS feeds (as it is often the case with comparable services). And it is even possible to create apps from your own web widgets, or from any Twitter widget.

How do you make an Android App with AppsGeyser?

#First, you’ll need a web widget to convert it to App.
#Start the wizard and follow two steps to create an Android App.
# In the first step you´ll be asked for a web widget code, name, description, and category. You´ll be able to add your own.
# In the last step you´ll be asked to provide information to access your Dashboard including your name, e-mail, and password.


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