Just in time for Apple’s iPhone to make its first debut on a network other than AT&T, mobile Caller ID application developer Privus Mobile has introduced a free, advertising-supported version of its iOS application, iPrivus Caller Lookup.

“Thousands of people are poised to make the switch to the iPhone on Verizon, and many contacts may not be transferred between handsets, as Verizon doesn’t have the convenience of a SIM card,” said Greg Smith, president and CEO of Accudata Technologies, developer of Privus Mobile.

The app allows the you to input a phone number and see its associated name. Until now, the application required a monthly subscription fee and did not contain any advertisements. However, in light of the iPhone’s growth, the company has decided to offer this free, ad-supported version.

The iOS application can be found for download by searching “iPrivus” in the Apple App Store. It functions on all models of the iPhone as well as on the Wi-Fi-enabled iPod Touch.


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