MyJibe is taking on Mint in the web-based personal finance application industry with the launch of a new personal financial app.

MyJibe, which launched today, is like Mint in that it helps you track your spending and income, but the difference between the two is that MyJibe wants to take personal finance further by given you a lot more features.

The MyJibe team believe that budgeting shouldn’t be about telling you what you can’t have but helping you determine what you can. Having a financial plan can empower you to live with a sense of purpose, relief, and peace of mind. And it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated, or confusing.

How MyJibe wants to differentiate itself from Mint:

# MyJibe wants to tell you whether there is enough to cover bills, other expenses, and savings goals. A Simpler,
# Promises flexible budget you can stick to
# Fundamentally Different Budgeting Approach: “Envelopes style”
# Savings goals are not a separate module, they are an integrated part of the budget so you can make trade-off decisions between spending now versus saving for the future.
# Real-time financial advice
# MyJibe Is Not Free