Monster Mobile has arrived in the mobile application world with the release of their premier iPhone application, Monster Free Apps. While free iPhone apps are not new, this app keeps on giving – different paid apps for free every day.

One of the best ‘little-known-secrets’ of the iPhone app community is that paid apps go on sale for free every day. Developers use ‘free sales’ as a way to expand their user base, and hopefully, get a few positive reviews.

“The problem is, these sales are pretty low-key,” explains co-founder Manny Coats. “While developers may be happy to offer their app for free for a limited time, they have no solid way of letting people know about it. So most people miss out on knowing that a good-quality app was free for a short while.” Monster Free Apps wants to fill that gap.

While there are websites and available apps that list discounted paid apps, Monster Free Apps features a daily push notifications that alert users to available free applications.

“We’re doing all the work for you,” he states. “You don’t have to remember to check in every day. We’ll send you a daily message letting you know about some of the top paid apps that are being offered free for that day. All you have to do is read the message and then decide if you want to take advantage of the free app.”

Available at the appstore


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