Today, Real-time mobile question and answer service Opinionaided is releasing the people’s choice winners of 2011 SXSW’s most talked about mobile apps. Opinionaided is a free application that allows consumers to use their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to get advice and opinions in real-time.

Over the past few years, a variety of pundits have declared ‘winners’ right after SXSW. Opinionaided decided to bring a little democracy into the process and open it up to their users for feedback on what the people thought was hot in Austin this year.

Here are the winning apps based on highest percentage of ‘thumbs up’ positive user feedback.

SXSW Apps /    Positive Feedback*

Instagram                65%
Foodspotting        65%
Addieu                44%
Foursquare        43%
Yobongo                41%
Hashable                38%
WalkIn                37%
GroupMe                36%
Uber                    36%
Situationist        36%
GroundLink        36%
Neer                    35%
IntoNow                34%
SWAGG                33%
Fast Society        31%
Skifta            26%
Hurricane Party    26%
Grouped{in}        25%
Beluga            24%
SCVNGR                23%
HeyWire                23%
Whrrl            22%
Kik                    16%
Gowalla                13%

This survey was conducted with the Opinionaided community of mobile users worldwide between March 11th-18th. The question was asked publicly among Opinionaided users over the age of 13, with a minimum of 35 responses per question for over 750 responses total.

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