When you think of banks, you mostly turn to the brick-and-mortar financial institutions to keep your money safe and secured. Banksimple, a startup still in stealth mode hopes to change that this year.

BankSimple is creating a better interface for banking through the Web and mobile apps. In partnership with financial institutions which will hold the actual deposits, BankSimple is focussing on creating a better customer experience and simplifying the banking process by unifying all accounts into one, accessible through a bank card.

Banksimple is not a bank. Banksimple doesn’t hold its own bank charter; instead it works with FDIC insured banks that serve as the financial backbone for the platform.

Deposits will be insured to the FDIC limit (currently $250,000) through partner banks at launch, just like with any other major bank (or credit union through the NCUA). FDIC insurance guarantees the safety of your deposits.

Customers, however, will have an entirely Banksimple-branded experience from the time they login and make their first deposit to each and every cash withdrawal they make at ATMs.

Your BankSimple card and account will provide all the basic features of banking, such as making purchases in stores, depositing checks, direct deposit, earning interest, paying bills, transferring money, withdrawing cash from ATMs, and more. But on top of this, we will be adding new tools to help you manage your finances such as goals, safe to spend balances and more.