KipCall is an iPhone application that lets you call your Facebook friends in one click. The app lets you phone the people you have befriended on Facebook, regardless of having their telephone numbers or not in your address book. This service works on any browser, and at any time – no WIFI or 3G is required.

The phone numbers are retrieved via MobileGlobe, and the connection is handled using PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network, a service available both in the United States and in Canada)

– See friends who are around you.(less than 0.6 miles)
– Keep control of who is allowed to call you.
– Call your friends right away.
– Send them an email on their actual inbox.
– Call your Facebook friends without having their numbers
– Decide who can and cannot call you, your number is kept secret
– See when your Facebook friends are around you
– Filter your Facebook list by gender, relationship status and age. Wasn’t that missing?

KipCall does not require WIFI or 3G. It works all the time.

This version is limited to calls to North America.

Available at the Appstore

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