Where-To-Get-It is an inspiring source of information about fashion shops. Did you ever fell in love with a fashion product that you saw someone wearing in the street, with an accessory in a magazine, or with great looking shoes on a fashion blog?

It happens to all of us; we get inspired, we absolutely want it. Now, you have a way to get your hands on the fashion items you love!

WhereToGet.It is crowd-sourced. What happens is that you post a picture of the fashion item you’d like to find/buy, and other members will post links to things that look like it and vote on it. It works pretty well even with a low userbase of just over 1,500 people currently.

Ask the community to help you find where to get the fashion items you love. In a world where consumers are all connected, Fashion has no boundaries anymore. Anyone from Paris to L.A., or from Jakarta to Sydney, can take part of a community of Fashion lovers who share their passion and tips about the trendiest shops around the world.

WhereToGet.It is a pivot for the three-person, bootstrapped startup, which also runs Hypeed, a community fashion site (think Tumblr, but for fashionistas only) which is doing well with 4000 contributing bloggers and a partnership with Vogue France, but a media site, particularly in the highly competitive fashion space, is hard to grow and monetize.