Discovering a new location is one thing, finding the way back to “Remember that place? Near the red house, on that really narrow street, with the missing street sign” is something else entirely.

Typhoon Apps and PM Champion have announced the release of their new application called “ GPS Bookmarker”, made specifically for iPhone users.

Turn your iPhone into a GPS device that allows you to:

1-Bookmark (save) your position on your iPhone
2-Add a Title to the bookmark
3-Add a Note/Text to the bookmark
4-Take a Picture and add it to the bookmark
5-Record a Voice Memo and add it to the bookmark
6-Select a Category (Shop, Restaurant, Outdoor,…)
7-Check your list of your bookmarks
8-View your bookmarks on a GPS map
9-Navigate to any of your bookmarks by Car, by Public Transportation or by Walk, provided with Turn-by-Turn directions and Traffic information.
10-Share a bookmarked location with friends with email or SMS (it could be your present location)