Swap.com, a swap movement both online and in communities across the world, today announced the launch of Swap.com Local, which finds and connects you with swappers that live in your local community. With over 15,000 – and counting – specific websites for towns and cities across the U.S., Swap.com Local enables the site’s online community to easily connect and swap in their actual neighborhood.

Swap brings people together to swap their stuff through our website, mobile app, local events, homes, schools, and co-branded partnerships.

The goal of Swap.com Local is to enhance swapping opportunities on a hyper local level, and make it easier to swap your stuff among trusted neighbors and friends. To utilize the new feature, you can select your U.S. state and town, then Swap.com will show you what items your neighbors have available, the most swapped items in your community, and even identify other Swap.com members that live near your home on a map.

Swap.com Mobile is a free iPhone is app that lets you scan items into your HAVE and WANT lists, manage your account, see what you can get for your stuff, and participate in swaps.


  1. Swap.com MEDIA is CLOSED! They dropped us like a hot potato. Do NOT patronize corporate usurper NETCYCLER who usurped Swap.com into a for-profit “Valet” service and threw away the Swap.com Media site and all the work media swappers put into it posting their swap listings. Closing without warning. Fie! Fie!

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