Turntable.fm is an online music parlor, where users can create “rooms” to hang out and various DJs cue and play songs and the audience can move from room to room according to their tastes.

In order to use the site, you must be logged in through Facebook and one of your FB friends must be a member. That will ensure viral adoption, along with the fact that through FB Connect, Turntable.fm will know what music you already like.

DJs represented by avatars sit at a desk in the front of the room taking turns playing one track each, while audience members crowd the floor in front of them.

Just like in real life, everybody gets to listen and chat with each other, whichever avatar is DJing bobs its head, and everybody knows whether they have a Mac or a PC.

You can choose songs from your computer’s own library, or from Turntable.fm’s own impressive collection, which fielded most tunes we asked for. And you can preview each song before it plays privately, just like a real DJ would with headphones, to ensure that you’re not about to embarrass yourself in front of everyone (with cross-fades, no less).

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