Entrepreneurs are constantly overwhelmed by the workload and stress of starting and running their companies. There are also the additional challenges of balancing the demands of family and friends. Having too much on your plate can turn your dream into a nightmare.

Here are some tips on how to look at work, make some hard decisions, and keep your health and sanity.

  1. Maintain a big picture perspective. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on your real goals, and eliminate items which don’t relate.
  2. Set realistic deadlines.The more your workload grows, the greater is your temptation to set unrealistic deadlines for yourself.
  3. Drop activities that sap your time or energy.
  4. Discuss the tough ones with a mentor. Don’t be afraid to discuss your challenges with a trusted friend, or business advisor.
  5. Taking stock of activities that aren’t really enhancing your work or personal life and minimize the time you spend on them.
  6. When the opportunity arises, take employees out to lunch and don’t talk about business
  7. Keep a written to-do list. Write it down, but even then, keep it to the top ten priority items or less.
  8. Count the completions. At the end of each day, check off, count, and celebrate your positives.
  9. Take breaks during the workday to do something for yourself.
  10. Schedule family time, vacations, outings with friends, and get-togethers way ahead of time.


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