1. Commit to the idea: Know that connecting with customers can sometimes be hard work and take time, but it will pay off.
  2. Manage your expectations: Set realistic goals for your social media work.
  3. Be persistent: You won’t see a great reward from Facebook right away, but by sticking with it, you’ll be able to build an active customer base.
  4. Choose your target: Plan who you want to reach with your Facebook presence.
  5. Promote your Facebook identity off of Facebook: Put a “Like” button on Facebook, share it on your website, blog, and Twitter.
  6. Fully develop your page: Add images, your website, company info, and other items to make sure you’ve filled in all the blanks.
  7. Don’t just post during business hours: Post to Facebook outside of business hours to get more feedback and impressions.
  8. Subscribe to other Pages first: Check out other pages to see how businesses add content and interact with fans.
  9. Encourage check-ins: Offer a special to customers who check in to your Place on Facebook, and you’ll be in your fans’ news feeds.
  10. Use participatory promotions: Target Facebook fans with participatory promotions.
  11. Share success stories: Ask your customers to discuss how you’ve helped them on your page.
  12. End with questions: Generate engagement by ending your posts with questions.
  13. Use the Questions feature: With Questions, you can engage your fans and get answers on your page.
  14. Tell people what’s in it for them: Explain what you have to offer when people click your links.
  15. Time it carefully: Plan your campaign for a specific period of time, and one that you know will be well targeted.
  16. Designate a social media updater: Find a specific person in your organization that will be responsible for updating Facebook.
  17. Give people a reason to engage with you: Post information that calls for interaction.

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