1. What is the problem you solve?
  2. Do you help save cost, save cycle time, save material, improve quality, reduce non-value-add people time?
  3. Who is the buyer who makes the final decision? What are they responsible for ? How are they measured?
  4. What pain, problem, or need does the buyer have? What problem do you solve?
  5. What are basic features that you must have to participate in the market
  6. What features would provide further differentiation but are not worth slipping the release for.
  7. These are roadmap features that are clearly “below the line” for the current release but can be communicated to customers as part of a roadmap or statement of direction.
  8. What magazines and trade journals do your prospect rely on to learn about offerings like yours?
  9. What websites, blogs, and on-line groups do prospects routinely visit, read, or take part in?
  10. What open source projects are related to your offering, they may be a source of ideas and early feedback?
  11. Are you eliminating or reducing and existing cost stream?
  12. What are you specifically obsoleting or replacing?

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