1. Few companies innovate with any degree of consistency.
  2. Creativity encourages innovation and innovation is key to the development of new business concepts.If you want to stay ahead of your competition, the time to innovate is NOW.
  3. Innovation gets a shot in the arm when there is a communication architecture in place that lets employees collaborate in real-time with colleagues and management.
  4. Creativity fosters innovation, your startup needs to stand out among your competitors
  5. Encouraged employees  to spend an afternoon designing and producing prototypes for new products.
  6. Concentrate on team culture, learn from your mistakes, and aim to resolve problems quickly.
  7. Share the long term vision with everyone in the company and  have a clear business mission that is innovative, such as “to revolutionise the marketplace globally”.
  8. Create , encourage and reward recreation
  9. Provide lots of free time for employees to think  about how they improve the product.
  10. Give everyone  a forum that encourages them to share.
  11. Encouraged employees to do something they have never before attempted.eg give a presentation or host a meeting
  12. Reward innovative ideas with packages you have never attempted before, eg offer employees equity in the company.
  13. Instead of paying 100% of your marketing dollars to your agencies (advertising, design, whatever), take that money and go experiment
  14. Encourage team members to work any way they like.
  15. Encourage your  people to be creative about how they help clients
  16. You have to get your team so involved that they really feel like they are helping make some great decisions.
  17. Encourage your engineers and product managers in most of your divisions to devote 10 percent of their workweeks to new ideas
  18. Encourage your employees  to think outside the box without fear of critical review.
  19. Empower staff through confidence building, and provision of autonomy and necessary resources, including opportunities for staff to develop.
  20. Founders should create relaxed, fun, and open plan environments – nurturing and growing an internal culture that is young, dynamic, fresh, and continually striving to achieve.
  21. Encourage an “ideas bank” where ideas are stored for future use.
  22. Establishing teams as a platform to share information and provide members with a sense of ownership
  23. Teams should be encouraged to question traditional methods and embrace new technologies and marketing initiatives.
  24. Reward initiative and creativity by creating specific and measurable ways for innovators to benefit from their work.

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