Central.ly is the new about.me that allows businesses to create a landing page to advertise or market themselves. Its an innovative profile for small businesses to tell their story to their customers.Centrally helps small businesses organize their internet content. They provide solutions to create beautifully designed websites that connect to your social media tools.

How it works
The first step when setting up your profile is to enter your basic information – name, introduction, and upload your logo.You then select a background image that Central.ly provides, or upload one of your own.

Central.ly gives you pretty, shiny buttons for Twitter, Facebook, your RSS feed, Yelp, Flickr and much much more. Some interesting and unique options include ‘Friends’ which allows you to share links to someone else’s site who you want to promote.

With Central.ly you will know when someone visits your profile, as well as any click-through information. Central.ly gives you an easy way to do just that without any html or design knowledge whatsoever.