trimit utilizes a patent-pending algorithm to automatically summarize text to any specified length. Text can be summarized with a simple shake gesture, and edited into a length suitable for tweets, facebook status’, text messages, emails and more.

Twitter has turned composing a full thought in 140 characters or less into something of an art.Its a new app that promises to automatically summarize text.

How it works
You enter a URL, trimit ingests the web page you pointed to, and then it spits back a condensed version at the length you specify.

Text can be directly imported from any URL right from within the app using HTML parsing. trimit’s sharing capabilities are extensive, and are all accessible from within the app; email, SMS, facebook, twitter, printing and saving as a .txt file. The text file can then be synced with a computer, and similarly, files can be imported from another device into trimit in order to be summarized