The way people access and discover content is changing radically, and fast. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others offering internet entertainment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the very best out of the many. wants to help you aggregate all your favorite sources (both paid and free), so that regardless of where it’s available, you can find it on a single platform. has built an intelligent system that learns your tastes and makes recommendations as you rate movies & TV shows.

From Moki, you can browse a broad and deep catalog of almost all the silver-screen and small-screen content available on the web. You can watch free content from Hulu; subscription stuff from Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Comcast’s xfinity tv; and on-demand TV and movies from iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand. You can sign up with Facebook Connect, then simply select the content services you already use; Moki makes it easy to connect service with third-party authentication, so you won’t need to remember any logins.